Saturday, January 26, 2013

Workout and fitness

Hi, this was only two months ago when I grabbed this workout programme "Rushfit".

Well, this is not a review asked by the creators of this program to market their product, this is an opportunity which I want to take up with my blog to share with the world what I think should be shared and also to show off my body a little bit.. you know it feels good when someone
clicked myself
compliments on it.. seriously.

I never purchased anything like this for worth INR 5000 but this time I was serious about my physic.

I started with the rookie level and within two months I have changed my shape for a good. I am always a lean person but this body that is on right image has strength in it.

Giving 45 minutes a day to this workout is all that is demanded from you and you have to give it to it in order to achieve a body like "George Saint Pierre" and his trainer.

I think I am more powerful now, and I have more body strength. I feel more confidence in me and now, I have seen that my efficiency in every day work has increased. If you see my earlier pictures I will look a little more lean but here I am changed for a good.

Surely if I had taken a good diet along, I would have gained something more good. I hope this will inspire you to take a little bite off your time and money to gain something good like this.

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