Monday, November 11, 2013

Sleeping Styles and your Personality

Came to know about link between your personality and sleeping style. Psychologist have penetrated into almost every act of our day to day life which we do non-consciously. I was on Facebook when a Facebook Page known as "General Knowledge" posted this picture describing the personality links with sleeping style:
Sleeping style tells your personality
There is another good article I came to read on internet which I will post the link here:
I think they also share the same views. I am confused which position of take on, because They are finding the faults in each position. I want to be a social butterfly but in the article they say that such people are easy to fool, because they trust almost anyone. I want to be disciplined like the people of the soldier position but I don't want to be reserved. I want to be a party person but I don't want to take the criticism personally. I want to be a good listener but I want the limelight too. So friends can you help me to chose a position to sleep with?
I would love to know your position, and your views.