Friday, February 6, 2015

Hair Fall and its Remedies

How you doing? Its been a long time, about 3 months, and now I am here to post another article into this blog dedicated to spiritual and health issues. In the recent months, I noticed that my hairs had been getting thinner and also my hairline was receding backwards from the two top corners of my forehead.

It was irritating to imagine myself as a bald man. I am only 27 years old, and it would be a shame if I become bald, oh my God!!, I thought!. What did I do? Well, I searched the internet to enlighten myself about the problem and find the remedies.

First I tried to understand the hairs. As they say, hairs need protein to grow, and along with that they need other vitamins and minerals. These minerals reached the scalp of our head, with the help of blood. If blood circulation is not good, your hairs may become thin and weak due to the insufficient nutrients.

So we need two things for having thick and shinier hairs:

  1. Right amount of diet, containing the right nutrients required for hair growth, 
  2. A good blood circulation to our head, to carry them.
I wished that I could have collected the links of all the articles that I read, so as to give you the reference, but somehow, it didn't occur. Anyway, so what are the nutrients and foods that are required to get the nutrients into your body? Let's talk about protein, protein is found in nuts and beans, in eggs and meat. 

If you don't eat meat and eggs, then you have to rely on the beans, Soyabean is known to have the maximum protein, though it is not as pure as found in the eggs. Other than protein, for other nutrients, we advised to eat fruits such as Indian Gooseberry and olive, which are widely used to make the hair oils.

For a better blood flow, we should eat iron rich diets and exercise daily. If exercising is not possible then, yoga might help, such as Sirsha-asana. Then I heard about Baba Ramdev's nail rubbing yoga. The four finger nails of the two hands are rubbed against each other in a brisk manner. People claim the hair fall stops, and new hairs are grown at the bald patches.

Some articles suggest the use of the onion juice, mixed with curd etc.
Some people ask you to apply the different products and lotions, but care should be taken, and no new article should be applied with the consent of a physician if possible.

Although my hairs are thin since my childhood, but still I am relying on the Yoga, and eggs for a while, I will keep you updated, when I see the results. Please subscribe yourself to my blog, to get the updates.

Thank you!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to deal with the craving for Smoking.


I hope you are doing great! Well, everyone knows that smoking kills, smoking is injurious to health, and it causes cancer and blah blah! who cares!!! Right?
Today the situation is that many children from the 6th standards, when they don't know how to properly hold the pen, start holding those crutches. I don't know whom to blame! Should I blame the tobacco industry or the parents who are not able to give them the right direction or should I blame myself for not sharing my own story yet.

I was only around 9 years old age, when I tried to smoke a Beedie. I and Sonu were classmates and neighbors, so we were together for almost whole of the day. I don't remember exactly whose idea was this, but we tried one beedie each, which we stole from a bundle kept by his grandfather in his sleeping room.

That was the first real encounter that I ever have had at that age, but it was not the real smoking, because I never inhaled the smoke beyond the throat. It would have made me cough to death, if I had been doing so. This is a very long untold story, which I can not complete here, so I am writing it into a complete book, where I will share with the you the complete story.
I will share with you the process of thoughts that made me leave this all behind and becoming a real happy person. I will try to make it an inspiration for those who need help with it;I will give you an in depth understanding of the shift in the thinking which took in my mind and changed me.

Story goes till the age of 27 years, that is when I write this book after almost one and a half year of the freedom from this trap of smoking.  Yes! I was genuinely able to say this to myself that this was my last cigarette. Many people say that line, but generally that's not sincere, and therefore they fail themselves. It is not that they really failed, all they need is a deep understanding of the steps to get the real desire to face the freedom and happiness, which I suppose they are afraid of.

Thats all for now, I shall share the dates of the release and the link of the eBook once I finish it, till then please have patience. If you have anything useful, and worth sharing, please write in to me. I will really appreciate it.

Thank you :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An introduction with "Akhil Bharatiya Santmat Satsang"

Hi, Life is busy, very busy, nobody want to waste a single minute, because its precious. It is hard to find the time for doing the things which are out of our routines, but there are people, who go to Satsangs, and meditate everyday. These people are the most happiest people, and they will not complain about time either.
"Meditation can not be done, it happens, because meditation for me is to become thoughtless", I replied to Mr. Krishan Verma. We both were on the paper checking duty at JNGEC Sunder Nagar, and had a short introduction of each other. He told me that he have been connected with Akhil Bharatiya Santmat Satsang" since early ages of his teen period, because his father was linked with the organization.

Teaching is a line where one can find the time to do some other things, such as I do the blogging. He told me that he had the plans to visit a Satsang organized in Gujarat by the same organization. Then he offered me a cup of tea along with a talk with his uncle, who belong to Sunder Nagar itself. He told me that his uncle, who works as a Physics professor in MLSM College, Sunder Nagar, had been connected with the Satsang too.

He was sure that once I talk to his uncle, it would help me a lot to understand about meditation and this organization, which would benefit me in my spiritual journey. We were to get free from the checking duty at 4:30 PM, so we drove directly to uncle's home. This was a fruitful meeting with Mr. Vivek Vaidya, h had been working with MLSM college Sunder Nagar since last 25 years, and was connected with this organization since many years. 

He offered me the introduction to the organization and told many stories from his friend circle. Those stories hiked my faith in the spirituality study and meditation studies.
its I came to know about this biographical book titled "Shri Brijmohan Vachnamrit", written in Hindi in Hindi by Param Sant Mahatma Yashpal Ji Maharaj. 

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Rishi means Research" - Gur of Dev Garga-Acharya

Have you ever visited the Kullu Dussehera festival? Then you might have seen the procession of the local Devtas, carried on their Raths.Recently I got an opportunity to talk with the Gur(Priest) of the Rishi Garga-Acharya from the Nagwain region of Kullu district. Kullu has Dev-Pranali, almost each village has their own Devta, highly respected and worshipped.
Temple of Rishi Garga-Acharya at Bhadeulli, Nagwain, Kullu, H.P.

Had I been researching much about our Rishis, I could have asked better questions. He was a far uncle of Vinod, my neighbor at our Sunder Nagar residence. We were seated at Vinod's home at Bhadaeulli (Nagwain, Kullu) and I was ready to listen what his uncle had to offer from his bucket of knowledge. 

He told his story of how he got into this Gur status. Earlier, he had been working on his own, he had a light motor vehicle, and his work was good enough to earn his life. At the time one of his uncle from his family clan was the Gur of the Rishi Garga-Charya, and it was the time to shift the responsibility to someone younger from the same family clan. 

The shifting of the responsibility from one Guru to next one is in the hands of the Dev. Someone from the gathered crowd would be chosen as the way of expression of the Dev's decision. This phenomenon is locally known as "Khel", it is believed that the Dev gets into the body of a person, and speaks his mind. For someone from psychology field, this might appear as hypnotism, but that is how it works. You may call that the hypnotized or hypnotizer would pick someone new from the same family clan as the next Gur.

This time it was Vinod' uncle, chosen as the next Gur. I asked him, that what might be the reason that only he was chosen, I expected him to blabber a little, but he simply answered that this was Dev's choice. Okay, then my next inquiry was that how much he believed in his Dev, and what he thought of our ancient Rishis. 

He replied " Rishi mean Research", I was amazed at this answer. I think what he meant is clear enough, what our Rishis did was a pure research. They searched and then researched a lot, that is why that they were able to present the first most texts in the world, such as Vedas, Upnishads, smritis and Shrutis were produced.
Today, when we find that those written texts are the basics of so many world religions, shows the kind of wisdom those saints hold after the meditation and research. I don't have much knowledge of the Rishis and have not either read any of our ancient texts, but read the references of them given by people such as Mahatma Gandhi. 
Do you have anything to share? please leave a comment. 
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Buy an Ebook on Paruresis aka Shy Bladder

Hi, How you doing?

Finally I made it, I wrote an eBook on the subject which I am writing here about, since last few years. Paruresis aka Shy Bladder is a phobia which can occur to anyone, at any age, but generally people in their teenages are more prone to it.

I myself was just of about 10 years old when I encountered it with for the first time. you hide it more it may start building itself more and more. I was searching for a fast and cheap reach to a book, I stumbled upon a book written by Dr. Steven Soifer but it was in hard cover, then I come across an eBook written buy a guy named Jake Rubin.

I read many articles and posts on the forums and videos on youtube, with each read and watch I had been building a deeper understanding of this phobia. I started talking to my friends about it, and my rate of posting online also increased. In the last few years (3-4) I have observed myself for a change, I have started to pee around peoples, but sometimes I get failed.
This has become easy for me now, and I feel totally okay to teach it to someone, who ask for the help.

To make it more simple for you, recently I compiled a whole new book, which deals with the biology to psychology of the Paruresis. The aim of writing this book is to change the past beliefs which are responsible for the Paruresis.
Honestly speaking I have not interviewed some very famous guy or a highly professional therapist in this field. I have to talked to my friends, my neighbors whom I have to deal in day to day life.

This eBook is available in digital format at the Amazon's Kindle format. You can read it on your kindle device, PC, or any device on which you can install the kindle App/software.
These days you don't have to carry the heavy bundle of the books to read them. To read the "Everyday battle with the Paruresis aka Shy Bladder" all you have to do is to go to the Amazon store, pay the the price of few dollars, and download it on your kindle device and then start reading.
It is less costly and less heavy or say, 0 gram heavy, right?
Here is the link to this book (Everyday battle with the Paruresis aka Shy Bladder) Amazon store:

This is the page you will reach when you click on the link above, and then you have to read the description of the book, once you are ready to buy, click on the buy link on the top right hand side. Before clicking on the buy button, please remember to select the device on which you are going to store it.

I am waiting for your reviews of the book.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eczema - skin allergy- no remedies?

Hi there,
I think the reason why you stumbled on this page is because you are also someone who is dealing with this skin problem. I didn't know the name of the problem which I have, I searched for the symptoms that I had and found this name 'Eczema'.
Eczema is an allergy related to the skin, a person suffering from this condition gets his skin peeled off, under certain allergic conditions of the environment.
The condition that I have is that when-ever there is seasonal variations, either from winter to summer or summer to winter my skin of hands, specifically near to the tips of the fingers starts to get peeled.

First there is a burning sensation, sometimes there are red and white spots, denoting the jamming of the blood at spots and then there are formation of the dead skin spots. Dead skin spots are followed after the formation of the some water type liquid spots underneath those dead skin spots.

If medication is not taken, this condition gets so much painful that you can't eat, touch anything which is not cold, or sometimes blood may starts to bleed out. Skin becomes very much sensitive and you can't do almost anything with your hands.

I came to know that this disease is hereditary, so gets transferred through genes. I see that my parent also has this allergic problem, so that gets proved in my case. I found no details about a permanent cure of the disease so I am sorry I am not going to mention any of it here.

Every time it happens to me, I am given a tube filled with some cream and few tablets. This time I was having 'Clobetasol Cream BP'. I also took few tablets and they helped me a lot.

So, what is your condition? Wanna share? Please use the comment box below.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paruresis and Mental Pain is Half Cured when you Understand it

Today I am going to write about Paruresis,  probably after a period of about 4 months. Today, I have come with more light on this topic to share with you. I met one person through my previous articles on Paruresis on this blog, he asked me this question "Don't you feel shy or afraid to write so openly about your Paruresis?".

Honest answer was that yes, deep down inside I felt shy and a little insecure to talk about this condition of me. At the same time, up to certain extent, I knew, this was the only path to fight against it. I answered him with a logic behind it, and tried to assure him that nobody really cares if you piss or not piss.
Now when I write about it, only those will read my article who need to read them. He needed to read my articles, so he did and it raised that curiosity in him to ask that question. If I look back to the months that passed after ward, I have lived them more happily.  Now he is a good friend of me in Facebook.

One of the reason of my happiness is that I found the reason behind my condition, I am not in darkness which I was, before I knew about Paruresis. We suffer, when we do not accept the things, more precisely, our THOUGHTS, and if you don't know the reason behind your suffering, you are not able to accept it, and therefore you suffer more.

Knowing and understanding your problem is half the problem solved, so this understanding of Paruresis which came to me after reading articles by Dr. Steven Soifer, who once shared my blog article link, about Paruresis with others, and many other internet articles and this website, helped me a lot to get out of the mental pain.
I won't lie to you anything, I am on the path of the recovery and I know that there is light at the end of this tunnel and I can see it now.

Thanks for your kind visit!