Friday, February 6, 2015

Hair Fall and its Remedies

How you doing? Its been a long time, about 3 months, and now I am here to post another article into this blog dedicated to spiritual and health issues. In the recent months, I noticed that my hairs had been getting thinner and also my hairline was receding backwards from the two top corners of my forehead.

It was irritating to imagine myself as a bald man. I am only 27 years old, and it would be a shame if I become bald, oh my God!!, I thought!. What did I do? Well, I searched the internet to enlighten myself about the problem and find the remedies.

First I tried to understand the hairs. As they say, hairs need protein to grow, and along with that they need other vitamins and minerals. These minerals reached the scalp of our head, with the help of blood. If blood circulation is not good, your hairs may become thin and weak due to the insufficient nutrients.

So we need two things for having thick and shinier hairs:

  1. Right amount of diet, containing the right nutrients required for hair growth, 
  2. A good blood circulation to our head, to carry them.
I wished that I could have collected the links of all the articles that I read, so as to give you the reference, but somehow, it didn't occur. Anyway, so what are the nutrients and foods that are required to get the nutrients into your body? Let's talk about protein, protein is found in nuts and beans, in eggs and meat. 

If you don't eat meat and eggs, then you have to rely on the beans, Soyabean is known to have the maximum protein, though it is not as pure as found in the eggs. Other than protein, for other nutrients, we advised to eat fruits such as Indian Gooseberry and olive, which are widely used to make the hair oils.

For a better blood flow, we should eat iron rich diets and exercise daily. If exercising is not possible then, yoga might help, such as Sirsha-asana. Then I heard about Baba Ramdev's nail rubbing yoga. The four finger nails of the two hands are rubbed against each other in a brisk manner. People claim the hair fall stops, and new hairs are grown at the bald patches.

Some articles suggest the use of the onion juice, mixed with curd etc.
Some people ask you to apply the different products and lotions, but care should be taken, and no new article should be applied with the consent of a physician if possible.

Although my hairs are thin since my childhood, but still I am relying on the Yoga, and eggs for a while, I will keep you updated, when I see the results. Please subscribe yourself to my blog, to get the updates.

Thank you!

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