Monday, January 28, 2013

Urinate now.--Paruresis(Shy Bladder) makes no sense

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How have you been?  Well, If you are sad due to Paruresis, I have this post specifically designed to motivate you a little.
 As you might know, a person suffering from this disorder is not able to urinate in the presence of the other people around. I think a person can cure himself with so many methods. Let have a look at the biology and physics of urination. Look at the diagram below:

There is a gravitational head(height) available for the urine to flow by itself, but you hold it until you are standing in front of the toilet. So now when you are standing in front of the toilet, it must come out automatically when you let it come. It needs no effort of yours, because gravity can do its work once the path is open.

Surprisingly, a person suffering from Paruresis stops this natural process of urination by stopping the way of the urine consciously. If you ask him, he will tell that he wants to urinate but he/she can't. Do you know how much frustration he/she may feel under this situation?

I am sure you can understand this to some level and if you suffer from it then you surely know what I am talking about. Now I  understand this whole process and as I understand that this is not natural to stop the urine path, urine has to come out, I have to be natural.

I have found a method, called method of auto-suggestion. This method is suggested in so many books to achieve different things in life, but I believe this can also be applied with this. I got success with this up to a few degree.

Here is as short message I have recorded on first day of 2014 and published through my You-tube channel:

I suggest to my mind these words everyday : "I  urinate in the presence of the others." and " I love urinating in the presence of the others.". A line like " I observe my breath and the urine flowing out while standing at the urinals is also effective enough. Say these lines to your mind either verbally or in writing or recite them.

Your mind will work on its own to fulfill your command. I have seen it at work, I observed the results, within one week. It is amazing, you try it out if you suffer from this phobia. First the important thing is this that you have to believe that this method work. If you believe then it will work for you too.

Another good thing you can do is, understand the whole urination process. Look at the science involved behind the urination. You must know that bladder stores the water carrying the salty, unwanted materials from our body. The water enters through our mouth and then circulates to all the necessary body parts. The water mixed with unwanted salts and stored in bladder is known as urine.

This urine comes out, by following the path through the urethra which connects the bladder and the outlet/meatus at the tip of penis shaft. Once the path is open urine will flow our under the gravity and the pressure you apply by squeezing the bladder.

Imagine a rubber bladder, or a syringe when applied with pressure, the water flows out with pressure. Similar is the way of flowing of the urine. This is so simple and this must remain simple for this urination process too. Just apply a little pressure in the bladder after opening the urethra and the water will flow out.

I touch the tip of the urethra, and then I make sure to remove it from there before the urine makes its way out. It is a good way to distract your mind. Then I wash my hands nicely.
Try it,  it works.

Well, I think this is already a pretty long post so, I wish you all the best and good luck with your recovery.

An update: on 10th June 2014

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