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Nav-Ratri Utsav (Nav-Ratri Fair)

I read an article on a Hindi Newspaper which specified me the dates of the up-coming Nav-Ratri festival. This 9 days Hindu Festival is devoted to the Goddess Durga/Shakti/Mahamaya and many other names.
Image of Shakti with Nine Arms (Nine forms of Shakti) - Image Source: Wikipedia
Vasant/Chatra Nav-Ratri 2014 starts on March 31 and ends on April 8th, 2014.
This is the time when Winter changes into Summer and therefore fasting also helps our digestion system to adapt to the new season.
Only Goddess is worshiped because this is believed that everything started from the Goddess. Shiva without Shakti is not possible and Shiva got Siddhi only due to Shakti. Shakti is everywhere in everything.

  • When did Nava-Ratri Festival started?
I have no evidence but the article says that this started at the creation of the universe. First of all Lord Vishnu followed the Nav-Ratri fast for killing a "Madhu" named demon and got the success. Lord Shiva did this fast for killing Tripurasura named demon. Jupiter followed it when Moon abducted his Bhaayan.

  • Nav-Ratris are celebrated 5 times a year
They are named as 
  1. Vasant Nav-Ratri : 9 days dedicated to nine forms of Shakti in the month of Chatra(March-April)
  2. Gupta Nav-Ratri: 9 days dedicated to nine forms of Shakti in the month of Ashad (June-July)
  3. Sharad Nav-Ratri: Also known as Mah-Nav-Ratri, is celebrated on the pratipada(1st day) of bright fortnight of  the lunar month of Ashvina.
  4. Paush Nav-Ratri: 9 days dedicated to 9 forms of Shakti in the month of Paush(December-January). They are observed on the Shukla Paksha(Waxing phase) of Paush.
  5. Magha Nav-Ratri: Also referred as Gupta Nav-Ratri are 9 days dedicated to 9 forms of Shakti on the month of Magha(January- February) in the Shukla Paksha(waxing phase of Moon) of Magha.
  • Why are they named as Nav-Ratri(Nine nights) and not as Nav-Din(Nine Days)?
Our senses are active during the day time and they are busy with the worldly matters but at night our senses are asleep. If our senses gets sleep in the day also then we will experience the days similar to the nights so, there will be nights only.
If we forget about the worldly matters for nine days and nights and fast and worship the Goddess Durga we make complete Nav-Ratri. For continuous nine days we have to experience nine nights of 24 hours each in which we worship the Goddess.

  • Importance of the Nav-Ratri and why she is named as Durga?

After killing a demon named as "Durg" she got this name "Durga". After worshiping Durga one can get the desired wealth and spouse.
        Bhootani Durga Bhuvnani, Striyo Narshchapi Pashushach Durga
        Yadhyadhi Dushyakhalu Shaiv Durga, Durga Swaroopadparam na Kashchipad.
One who meditates on Durga gets the Brahma Gyan. When you get the Brahma Gyan, there is nothing more to get.

  • Nav-Ratri Mantra - A Combination of 9 Gems
This is the Navratri Mantra:
Aiem Hreem Kleem Cha Mun Daa Yaei Vi chchayee

Here each word has its specific meaning. This Mantra is a combination of the nine gems/planets.
              Mantra            Planet              Nav-Shakti                Nav-Ratri

  1. Aiem                     Sun                Shail-Putri                    1st Nav-Ratri
  2. Hreem                   Moon             Brahma-Charini            2nd Nav-Ratri
  3. Kleem                   Mars               Chandra-Ghata             3rd Nav-Ratri
  4. Cha                       Mercury         Khushmanda                 4th Nav-Ratri
  5. Mun                      Jupiter            SkandaMaata                5th Nav-Ratri
  6. Daa                       Venus             Kaatyayani                   6th Nav-Ratri
  7. Yaei                      Saturn             Kaal-Ratri                    7th Nav-Ratri
  8. Vi                          Rahu              Maha-Gauri                  8th Nav-Ratri
  9. Chchayee              Ketu                Siddhi-Datri                 9th Nav-Ratri

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