Friday, April 18, 2014

Turn your Conscious into Shakti

Demon Rakhtabeeja(Blood-seed) was almost invincible because whenever Parvati/Shakti attacked him with her weapons, every drop of his blood turned into another Rakhta-beeja. She had to do something different to kill him. 
What she did was something un-thinkable, she drank his blood to every single drop. This was the only way she could do to kill the demon. I came to know this story through an article on today's Punjab Kesri(local newspaper).

Beautifully they linked this story with our consciousness and thoughts of our mind. Every person has their own thoughts and when something is not acceptable to them, that is called suffering. We are sad or angry or tears when something is not acceptable to us. 
These harmful thoughts are the Rakhta-beeja which when fall on the ground can turn into another Rakhta-beeja. Now if we start accepting our own thoughts similar to Shakti did to the Rakhta-beeja we will not suffer due to our thoughts.

For doing that we have to turn our consciousness into Shakti which can eat every single thought, so that there is no unwanted thoughts. Shakti is here and everywhere, it is vast to endless boundaries, in order to catch every single thought, so has to be your consciousness.

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