Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paruresis and Mental Pain is Half Cured when you Understand it

Today I am going to write about Paruresis,  probably after a period of about 4 months. Today, I have come with more light on this topic to share with you. I met one person through my previous articles on Paruresis on this blog, he asked me this question "Don't you feel shy or afraid to write so openly about your Paruresis?".

Honest answer was that yes, deep down inside I felt shy and a little insecure to talk about this condition of me. At the same time, up to certain extent, I knew, this was the only path to fight against it. I answered him with a logic behind it, and tried to assure him that nobody really cares if you piss or not piss.
Now when I write about it, only those will read my article who need to read them. He needed to read my articles, so he did and it raised that curiosity in him to ask that question. If I look back to the months that passed after ward, I have lived them more happily.  Now he is a good friend of me in Facebook.

One of the reason of my happiness is that I found the reason behind my condition, I am not in darkness which I was, before I knew about Paruresis. We suffer, when we do not accept the things, more precisely, our THOUGHTS, and if you don't know the reason behind your suffering, you are not able to accept it, and therefore you suffer more.

Knowing and understanding your problem is half the problem solved, so this understanding of Paruresis which came to me after reading articles by Dr. Steven Soifer, who once shared my blog article link, about Paruresis with others, and many other internet articles and this website, helped me a lot to get out of the mental pain.
I won't lie to you anything, I am on the path of the recovery and I know that there is light at the end of this tunnel and I can see it now.

Thanks for your kind visit!

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