Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eczema - skin allergy- no remedies?

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I think the reason why you stumbled on this page is because you are also someone who is dealing with this skin problem. I didn't know the name of the problem which I have, I searched for the symptoms that I had and found this name 'Eczema'.
Eczema is an allergy related to the skin, a person suffering from this condition gets his skin peeled off, under certain allergic conditions of the environment.
The condition that I have is that when-ever there is seasonal variations, either from winter to summer or summer to winter my skin of hands, specifically near to the tips of the fingers starts to get peeled.

First there is a burning sensation, sometimes there are red and white spots, denoting the jamming of the blood at spots and then there are formation of the dead skin spots. Dead skin spots are followed after the formation of the some water type liquid spots underneath those dead skin spots.

If medication is not taken, this condition gets so much painful that you can't eat, touch anything which is not cold, or sometimes blood may starts to bleed out. Skin becomes very much sensitive and you can't do almost anything with your hands.

I came to know that this disease is hereditary, so gets transferred through genes. I see that my parent also has this allergic problem, so that gets proved in my case. I found no details about a permanent cure of the disease so I am sorry I am not going to mention any of it here.

Every time it happens to me, I am given a tube filled with some cream and few tablets. This time I was having 'Clobetasol Cream BP'. I also took few tablets and they helped me a lot.

So, what is your condition? Wanna share? Please use the comment box below.

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