Friday, June 13, 2014

Buy an Ebook on Paruresis aka Shy Bladder

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Finally I made it, I wrote an eBook on the subject which I am writing here about, since last few years. Paruresis aka Shy Bladder is a phobia which can occur to anyone, at any age, but generally people in their teenages are more prone to it.

I myself was just of about 10 years old when I encountered it with for the first time. you hide it more it may start building itself more and more. I was searching for a fast and cheap reach to a book, I stumbled upon a book written by Dr. Steven Soifer but it was in hard cover, then I come across an eBook written buy a guy named Jake Rubin.

I read many articles and posts on the forums and videos on youtube, with each read and watch I had been building a deeper understanding of this phobia. I started talking to my friends about it, and my rate of posting online also increased. In the last few years (3-4) I have observed myself for a change, I have started to pee around peoples, but sometimes I get failed.
This has become easy for me now, and I feel totally okay to teach it to someone, who ask for the help.

To make it more simple for you, recently I compiled a whole new book, which deals with the biology to psychology of the Paruresis. The aim of writing this book is to change the past beliefs which are responsible for the Paruresis.
Honestly speaking I have not interviewed some very famous guy or a highly professional therapist in this field. I have to talked to my friends, my neighbors whom I have to deal in day to day life.

This eBook is available in digital format at the Amazon's Kindle format. You can read it on your kindle device, PC, or any device on which you can install the kindle App/software.
These days you don't have to carry the heavy bundle of the books to read them. To read the "Everyday battle with the Paruresis aka Shy Bladder" all you have to do is to go to the Amazon store, pay the the price of few dollars, and download it on your kindle device and then start reading.
It is less costly and less heavy or say, 0 gram heavy, right?
Here is the link to this book (Everyday battle with the Paruresis aka Shy Bladder) Amazon store:

This is the page you will reach when you click on the link above, and then you have to read the description of the book, once you are ready to buy, click on the buy link on the top right hand side. Before clicking on the buy button, please remember to select the device on which you are going to store it.

I am waiting for your reviews of the book.

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