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Power and Pride of Kamrunag-The Rain-God of Mandi(H.P.)

I am always curious to know the truth behind the mystical tales which, I frequently listen but, my skepticism had weightily won till 9th March 2014. I know such tales are not limited to district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh, they are endless in number and boundless to places in the world. You might already have or not have experienced anything supernatural but, if you are curious, please read on.
  • Brief introduction about Bada Deo Kamrunag:
This story that I post here today, is a supernatural and real story which, just happened in the time of Maha-Shiv-Ratri this year i.e. 2014. It spans for about seven days and it happened in front of my own and of several other eyes of people of Mandi town and its surroundings.
A map view of Deo Kamru-Nag lake(wikimapia)

Story is about the Rain-God of district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh, famous as "Bada Deo Kamrunag". He lives on the abode of snow i.e. Himalayas, at an altitude of 3500 meters. First you have to reach Rohanda which, is connected through a road distance of 56 km from Mandi and then a vertical walking distance of 9 km from Rohanda to Deo Kamrunag.

Way to this heavenly, beautiful and peaceful place where he resides is surrounded with the Devdar and oak trees and at the center of temple place is this famous Kamrunag lake which, is known for its endless wealth of gold and silver. There are stories of failed attempts of steeling this wealth by thieves but Kamrunag himself protects the wealth so, success has been denied.
  • Kamrunag gets angry
 There was a heavy rain weather forecast on 4th, 5th and 7th of March 2014, given by a trustworthy weather forecast agency.
This year and since recent years, weather forecast has provided very accurate dates for the raining and shining. I remember that it rained and snowed on exact dates in the month of January and February and till the day on which Maha-Shiv-Ratri Mela started.

On the first day of the Maha-Shiv-Ratri fair when Deo Kamrunag expected himself to be welcomed with a transcendental music of his traditional instruments, Mela committee forgot that they were doing a mistake. Instead of what the lord demands and accepts as true honor, they produced a party of musicians which are famous in the Hindu marriages and popularly are known as 'Baje wale'.

Deo Kamrunag didn't like this and in return sky started to produce big sized hails. Yes! this was a news in the next morning newspaper which, wrote that people started running to shelter for saving their heads from highly gravitated hails.
  • Effects on Mahashiv-ratri fair 2014
This is not the end of the story because, Kamrunag had not enough yet. On the next day and on another next day it rained. This directly effected the economy and joy of the fair because rain has almost stopped the business. No body loved to do the shopping on a muddy ground and raining sky. Adding more to it, there was a heavy rain and snow weather forecast for the dates 4th, 5th and 7th of the March. 
Imagine the financial impact on the person who, has bought a mild space for mounting a swing ride for a price of more than INR 27 Lacs(exact figure might be larger). If it rains no body is going to take up his swing ride seats.

  • Deo over-writes the weather forecast
As usual while, taking lunch meal at the college canteen of JNGEC, I got excited to listen this un-usual topic, it was 04th March, the day of expected heavy rainfall. Along with me were Mr. Tarun, Miss Madhu Gautam and Mrs. Bedatrayi Shaha and we were discussing the new weather forecast given by Deo Kamrunag which contradicted with the expectations of the weather forecasting agency. This is how it happened:

Soon, when Mela committee and others realized their mistake, they went to Deo and pleaded sorry and asked for a fair weather. In return Deo Kamrunag announced a rain-free sky till the end of the fair i.e. 9th March. For that to become true, earlier weather forecast was to be overwritten. 

Who can dare to stop the clouds from raining? No one! .. no one among us but, he is rain-God. He can do that, fair enough?
"I will write a blog post if this new weather forecast comes out to be true.", I announced in my high pitch voice while discussion was still to go a further till, the end of the meal.
  • I am writing this blog post
This doesn't need a high level of IQ to judge that it happened. It rained heavily on 10th March but, on 4th, 5th and 7th March weather forecast became a lie. It sprinkled few drops on 4th or maybe 5th March, but that was in-significant to effect the fair and if you remember sky was completely dark on these days but still no rain. Sounds miracle!

I must tell you that rain-God showed his power, clouds showed up for few times but, didn't dare to lose the drops off their bowls. They held them so tight that they showed up in completely dark color with huge water density, on 10th and 11th March. Rain started on 10th March and while I am writing this post on evening of 11th March 2014, sky is still roaring and raining continuously with few hours breaks in between.

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