Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to deal with the craving for Smoking.


I hope you are doing great! Well, everyone knows that smoking kills, smoking is injurious to health, and it causes cancer and blah blah! who cares!!! Right?
Today the situation is that many children from the 6th standards, when they don't know how to properly hold the pen, start holding those crutches. I don't know whom to blame! Should I blame the tobacco industry or the parents who are not able to give them the right direction or should I blame myself for not sharing my own story yet.

I was only around 9 years old age, when I tried to smoke a Beedie. I and Sonu were classmates and neighbors, so we were together for almost whole of the day. I don't remember exactly whose idea was this, but we tried one beedie each, which we stole from a bundle kept by his grandfather in his sleeping room.

That was the first real encounter that I ever have had at that age, but it was not the real smoking, because I never inhaled the smoke beyond the throat. It would have made me cough to death, if I had been doing so. This is a very long untold story, which I can not complete here, so I am writing it into a complete book, where I will share with the you the complete story.
I will share with you the process of thoughts that made me leave this all behind and becoming a real happy person. I will try to make it an inspiration for those who need help with it;I will give you an in depth understanding of the shift in the thinking which took in my mind and changed me.

Story goes till the age of 27 years, that is when I write this book after almost one and a half year of the freedom from this trap of smoking.  Yes! I was genuinely able to say this to myself that this was my last cigarette. Many people say that line, but generally that's not sincere, and therefore they fail themselves. It is not that they really failed, all they need is a deep understanding of the steps to get the real desire to face the freedom and happiness, which I suppose they are afraid of.

Thats all for now, I shall share the dates of the release and the link of the eBook once I finish it, till then please have patience. If you have anything useful, and worth sharing, please write in to me. I will really appreciate it.

Thank you :)

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