Monday, October 28, 2013

How to keep your Belly IN

You might be thinking how come I am writing on this topic, well I am a habitual blogger, and I have to write something productive constantly. I hope the following lines will be productive to you, and you will be productive for me if you could kindly put your views about this article in the bottom. Now take a deep breadth and read the rest of the article.
 The secret to keep your belly in is nothing but the habits which you have to focus and maintain constantly. I don't care what your habits are right now, if you have a fat belly, then the habits are bad and are to be replaced with the habits which will give you a smooth belly. I am not a muscular person and many people think that I am week but I think I am a fit person, and the I can tell you why.
I can step up a 9km vertical trek on Himalaya, I can step up the 4 story building in a very relaxed way. I can run about 1 km and I feel awesome when I do that. So, that gives me sign that I am a fit person. In the recent years I lost the habit of my childhood which has made me like, and I was getting weak(still not fat), and when I again get on those habits I feel that energy again.
So here are the habits which one most follow:
Running: In my sixth grade, I got admitted in Navdaya Vidyalaya(Mandi) and what they told us to do, wake up at 5:00AM and then get fresh, and then go for a run in the nearby playground, until I get my breathe totally high, then it will follow with a beautiful exercise routine. The whole boys and girls has to follow the routine, and By God! I miss this whole routine these days, because I can never have so many friends along with me running in the morning itself. You will see that when you put this habit in you, it will make you a very successful person. Everybody has all the time available. If you think Akshay Kumar is a busy person, he will tell you that he has sufficient time to do the regular running and exercises, so does, John Abraham and So does Robin Sharma. They put their time on their lifestyle and that is what makes them successful.
Make this one habit and I think you will know about the other habits by yourself. Also try to meditate regularly because it will give you the better path.
Learn to listen to your body, it gives you signals and shows you the way to make it fit. Just start doing the running and exercises you will feel great!

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