Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cure of Paruresis.

Hi, How you doing?

I surfed the internet for cure to the Paruresis/Shy Bladder Syndrome but, I have not reached at a solution which can guaranty you anything.
  I am now acquainted with few techniques which are suggested by a numbers of people talking on the internet forums. I came to know about an eBook named "Urinate Now" but, it is heavily priced and it made me feel much bad about being Paruretic. Why someone has to pay to learn to pee?

Here are the list of the things that you can do:

  •  One mindset that can be helpful is: There is no body who is going to talk about your penis being small or big, so there is no need to hide it while you are peeing. Have you ever talked about a guy having a small penis which you observed while you were peeing? I think you have not, and so is the case with anyone around us and in fact you never saw other's penis while urinating.
  •  No body is going to talk about a stranger's penis being small or big. One best thing you can do is walk naked in your room, with 4 to 5 friends around there, you will see that if they are straight no body is going to give a fuck about it. 
  • Remember, if anyone judges you, that is their own problem. Have you ever seen Manneken Statue of Brussell? The kid is pissing in such a relaxed mood in front of whole world.
  • Other trick to engage your mind for your benefit is to start counting in backward direction like 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. People has experienced that back counting helps your mind to get distracted from getting being conscious. 
  • Other thing you can try is sum up two numbers like 432+435 in your mind.  When you engage your mind on that, water will start flowing on its own and you can increase the speed if you want, just like you can do with the tap water, by opening or closing the tap to different degrees.
  •  Open a nearby tap, just before you start peeing. The sound of water flowing makes you feel relaxed and the water from the shaft will also start coming out.
  •  Ask the normal people, that what does they thing when they pee in the urinals, they will tell you that they don't even think about peeing, their mind is always busy thinking about some important assignment, or the bus they have to take, or the friend who is waiting outside or they might be talking to a friend standing in the next urinals and still they are peeing. Peeing together is a good rapport building exercise. It means that you are comfortable around your them.
  • Start meditating on the pictures in which you are pissing along with the other people in the toilet. Some people suggest to think about the root of the problem, cause of the problem, but I think that thinking about the cause will make it worse instead of that we should focus on the solution of the problem. Picture yourself with other people in the toilet and meditate on that picture until it becomes normal imagination for your self. 
  • If you are suffering from shy bladder, I am sure it is hard for you to picture yourself pissing along with the other people in the toilet. The word pissing in itself is horrible for you.  Imagine everybody saying pisssssssssssss along with you while you piss there in the toilet and water flowing toward the bowl. Say those words in mind, I think everybody does that sub-consciously while pissing.
  • Some people hold their breath until the water comes out. Try whatever you can and find out what works for you. I am sure there is something which will work for you.

I don't guaranty anything, you have to find out what works for you.
Thanks for your kind visit!