Friday, October 11, 2013

Mental Stress????

Hi, How you doing?
Today I am going to talk anything about mental stress so, read at your own risk. This page is written only with a motivation to release my mental stress of the day.

People get affected with other people around them. A mother gets affected by the behavior of her child and a child gets affected by the behavior of father, so vice verse.
If someone felt cheated in love, another one will be cheated so a chain reaction starts which goes on multiplying. It is human nature these days, and I can see a lot of people getting under this chain.

I myself feel that I am part of this chain and I feel very bad for it. It feels like you are tied to a chain which you can not open but you want to be free. I have shared the Paruresis and its effects and it is still there. 
It is human nature that when you feel non-comfortable around others even if they does not intend to make you non-comfortable you will try to make the non-comfortable when the opportunity comes.
The irony of the situation is this that other never intend to make you non-comfortable while you are urinating in the public toilet but it is hard wired into your mind to become non-comfortable. Sub-consciously you might be having fear from the people in there. At some part of life when you get the time you will also make other people fear from you without any reason for real.

This is enough reason to not have any type of un-necessary mental pressure on your mind. If you have any kind of phobia, please try to overcome it as early as possible because it can affect you social life to great extent and day by day you will feel bad and more bad.

Phobias can be cured because there are numbers of techniques which might be also  available online. The path is to honestly follow those who has conquered those fears. Every successful person might had some kind of phobia in his/her life, and when they overcame it they became the most courageous person in life.

Thanks for your kind attention.