Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rushfit - work out plan- Loose fat (Body building)

I recently had the new year resolution to keep my body healthy, and for that I bought a new workout plan, titled "Rushfit".
Mr, Eric Owing

It features the two MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) artists, Mr. Eric Owings and Mr. George St. Pierre.
Mr. Eric Owing has designed this work out plan. He is the trainer of the MM artist George St. Pierre.
Mr. George Saint Pierre
The routine might be a little tough but to get into a good strength and shape it is required. I can see the results within few weeks. It provided me the six DVD with HD print and also the work out plans.
All I need is a small space, and two dumbbell of 2-4lbs.
It takes only 45 minutes a day to keep your self healthy and in a good shape. Everything is explained in details also.