Saturday, February 9, 2013


Confidence can be sensed when you have it in you. I have felt that some times I feel less confidence but the truth is that at that time, I am able to concentrate less on the situation at the hand.
There is one thing that I just observed about getting the confidence keep flowing in your body language.
(1) Know the epicenter of the body: There is a epicenter in our body, which I felt recently. When I gather the all the energy from the body at this point, I feel more confident in my talk and walk. When you talk to people, try to keep your hands at this level, and you will be able to speak in a better voice.
(2) Always remember to breath: I said to remember to breath, so you have to always remember that there is the most important phenomenon going in your body and that is the breathing. So always keep breathing. Breathing in right way is very important.
To know whether you do it right or wrong, put your one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen. When you take the air in(inhale) the hand kept on the abdomen should move outward, not the one kept on the chest.