Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cures for Gas strick pain

How does the gas form inside?
I was wondering for so long time, that what is this Gas stuck in the stomach of so many people. Talk to another person and he or she is suffering from this continuous disease, commonly known as gas stick. Each time it is inside you, you feel like a balloon who want to relax for a while but you are not able to relax due to this self generator of the gas inside your stomach or intestine which keeps filling itself. So I finally thought to confront it, and then I came to know the mechanics, chemistry and biology of the gas in brief.
Gas gets generated, due to some acids in our stomach or in our intestine. When the pH is not normal, and gets higher on the acidic side then the gas starts to form inside. It gets stuck inside because it gets dissolved inside there. If the larger bubbles get formed then it comes out in the form of burp or fart.
When it gets out from the mouth then it is burping and when out from the anus then it is farting. The problem is this that it doesn't get our either way. It gets stuck inside and results in a lot stress and pain. When the volume increases, it attacks to the walls of the intestine or the stomach and the pain gets increased when it attack to your heart and the liver. The result is a continuous irritating pain which results in the further mood off, you can not behave in a normal way.
What are the reasons of formation of the Gas?
1. The reasons for the gas stick is thought to be genetic and there are other various reasons. I have seen that if it is to my father or mother then there are chances that it will be there in me too. The digestion being weak is a major reason for the gas formation.
2. When you know that your digestion is weak then it is important that you eat only those foods which suits to your weak digestive system. The diary products, the spicy foods, cabbage, potatoes are recommended to be avoided by the doctors.
I have tried the drugs like Aciloc, Omeprazol and I think the Aciloc is not a good option because the gas gets formed again after the one day period. The others are recommended when it starts paining hard.
Omeprazol is a good option for me till now.
It is advised to drink a lot of water daily. Your stomach is the very important organ so you have to save it for you.