Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Importance of sleeping along the East or South direction.

Since last month I am feeling very well, and I am able to wake up early in the morning with the total fresh mind. I am more energetic and more focused in my daily work. I have a controlled mind state, but it was not the same earlier. 
I always felt tired and fatigued every morning. I took regular exercises and I drank two to three glasses of water everyday after waking up. It gave me relief but it was not the cure. Then after searching a lot on the internet about the better health, I came across someone who wrote that it is good to sleep in the East or the South direction. 
It is not a superstition, if you put your head toward the North direction then the North magnetic pole of the human body, repulses the magnetic north pole of the earth, which results in the induction of the warm head. Now if you sleep along the west direction, then the magnetic field of the Sun do the same.
The solution is to keep your head along the south pole of earth or the east direction of the earth. In these cases the magnetic field passes easily through our body. In the morning I have the cool head and the warm feet. I feel more stable now. 
I have felt and experienced it by myself, so I recommend the same for everyone. I wanted to write my own experience, and I hope it helps you too. Thank you for reading.