Sunday, July 7, 2013

How does Meditation help in your mental health?

What is mental Health? 
You might have heard a lot of time that the mental health is very much important.
People have different limits of good health for them. People limit themselves to a limit of the knowledge that they have.
I think the mental health is very necessary to keep updating your knowledge of the things. Your mind can function well when it gets good ingredients to cook nice thoughts and plans. Those ingredients are a set of different ideas which come from the world around you but mind should be healthy enough to identify and catch up these ingredients.
You can get your mind updated by meeting the people who are in good mental state. Never limit yourself by thinking that you have the best knowledge, there is a lot to learn.
If you are in good health, find ways to get more good health. Focusing on the more good health is important. You can not get more good health by focusing on diseases.
So in short you are mentally healthy if you are able to think productively in every  way. I think there is no limit to mental power, or mental health. You can increase you mental health by the mental exercises like meditation.
How does meditation help?
If you have learned the meditation and if you meditate then I think  you might have experienced the results which I have also. Meditation is such a technique by which you are able to concentrate your mind, you are able clear it from the past thoughts and the future thoughts which are unwanted and distract you from your work. You find that you are able to work for longer time and still you feel relaxed. So what is it, a miracle?
I think it is like a miracle because all you did was just sit calmly for about 20 to 30 minute a day and you see the results within weeks. The change in you was basically the change in your mental health. Your mental health increases when you meditate regularly. You are able to focus more on the present and so you are able to live it more productively and you enjoy it.
How to do the meditation?
If you already do the meditation then it is great, but still you can read the further lines, to know how to meditate and if you know better method please write it down for me too.
I meditate by sitting in the "Budha mudra" or "Gyan Mudra".  Budha Mudra is the Mudra of the Lord Budha in which you fold you legs and sit upright, for men right hand on the left and for women left hand on the right, both palms facing upwards and resting on your lap. Try to sit at a calm place, with your eyes closed. If you can sit at a open place, in nature's lap that is better. Now focus only your breathing. You can recite a mantra to focus more clearly. Say "Sau" while you breathe in and say "Hum" while you breathe out. You will get a numbers of thoughts coming in your mind, let them come, don't criticize your self for them. Again shift you focus to Sau-Hum. With the passage of time you will find that you are able to focus on the Sau-Hum only, and that is the time when you will start seeing the change in your mental health for your good. Your mental health will uplift day by day.
conclusion: Dear reader, if you want to enhance your mental health, meditation  is a very good technique for it. Do it regularly and make it a lifelong habit, and you will have a better life, that is what its fruit bearer advise.
Thank you for your time.
Good luck.