Sunday, August 25, 2013

Healthy day to day Habits

I have added few habits into my life to keep myself healthy and wealthy.
Here is a list of the healthy habits which I follow and also I read them recently in a book written by Abhishek Kapoor titled "Fitness on the Go".

  • (1) Early to Bed and Early to rise: Taking the enough sleep is very much required so one must sleep at about 10:00PM and wake up at 5:00 AM.
  • (2) Stretch Out after waking up: Stretch your body after you wake up, and say to yourself "As I stretch I am taking out all the laziness from body" and when you relax say " I am totally fresh".
  • (3) Drink 3 to 4 glasses of Water: It is very helpful in starting the functioning of the body organs because water acts as a grease to them. It will help you maintain the hydration level of the body and will help you in early morning activities like emptying your stomach. You will feel very much refreshed and calm.
  • (4) Eat 4 to 7 pieces of soaked Almonds: Put them for soaking before you go to sleep and eat them in the morning as your first intake. Un-soaked almonds are not easy to digest but one can  take their outer cover out once they are soaked. outer cover is said to be non-digestible. They maintain the pH in the stomach and therefore no chances of the Gas-Stick and ulceration in the stomach. They are a good source of the energy, which they do not provide instantly but with time.
  • (5) Eat the fresh locally available vegetables and fruits: Eating the fresh vegetables and fruits is advised by every wise person. Eating the packed or processed vegetables must also be avoided.

  • (6) Meditate, take a brisk walk: History has given us evidences that meditation is very fruitful for a stable mind. So meditate regularly for about 20 minutes or more. Take an early morning brisk walk preferably in the lap of nature. Connecting to nature is the best thing that you can do in the early morning.
  • (6) Always sit with your back straight: The best posture to sit is to sit with your back straight. It will help you to burn calories and will strengthen your back.  So when you sit in the office in the day time, try to sit with the straight back. When you are tired after ten or twenty minutes, take the support of the chair and then again sit straight.
  • (7) Avoid taking Lifts, choose the steps: If you are in the urban offices then there are chances that they have provided you with the lift facility. Take it only when it is emergency to reach faster otherwise steps is the wise option. Always find opportunities to take short walks in between your day routine. 
If you want to share your healthy habits, please share it with me, I am eager to know.
Thank you for your kind visit!