Friday, August 30, 2013

Mental Virtues

You might have read and analyzed many ancient techniques given by the saints to make out mind healthy. If a mind is healthy then we will have the following very important virtues in our personality:
(1) Knowledge  (2) Gratitude and Kindness  (3) Courage
(4) Persistence (5) Confidence  (6) Self Respect
(7) Charm and Charisma  (8) Emotional balance  
(9) Intelligence and communication skills.
These qualities are to be inbuilt by you only. If each one them is present in a person then he will be the most successful and he will always be satisfied with his own life but it is very rare that all these qualities are found in one person.
Saints have given us the ways to enhance these qualities in us by the mental exercises like meditation.
Meditation is a way to harmonize our body with mind. There are a numbers of meditation poses which can benefit you by enhancing or increasing the list of the virtues above. Sit in the lotus posture with your index finger tip touching your thumb tip, it is called "Gyan Mudra" which will enhance your knowledge gaining capacity. Similarly there is a Mudra to increase the confidence level. Touch the tip of the the ring finger with the tip of the thumb. Confidence will start flowing through you.
So it is possible to gain the mental health and strength by these techniques, it is all up to you whether you really want to possess these virtues.

Thank you for attention.

well wisher