Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paruresis - Urine bladder and water bladder similarity

If you suffer from Paruresis (Shy bladder) and have anxiety/phobia in the public toilets, please read this post carefully and try to catch the instructions given at the end.
I am going to talk about Paruresis(Shy bladder) here, and it is a matter of shame for the people who suffer from it, but I think the first step to come over it is to talk about it and find the ways to have a relaxed urinating experience with your friends or any stranger beside you.
So if you have read my earlier posts about Paruresis then you might have the idea about it. Among the other techniques which I have suggested in my earlier posts, today I am going to share another idea with you people. This is an idea by which you will have the control over your bladder and it will start squeezing in whenever you want it to expel the urine outside. 
If you analyse the mechanism of the functioning of the bladder then you will see that the urine comes out when the urethra is open. It is consciously closed by our mind by sending some signals through nervous system. Now people who suffer from Paruresis are not able to open this opening for the urine to come out when there is someone along with them in the public toilets or any place around. It depends on the severity of the Paruresis in that person. 
So until the urethra is closed urine is stuck inside the bladder. The best way people suggest is to think about something else. Think about a waterfall while you are standing there, or some suggest to hold your breadth thereby increasing the amount of CO2 in your body which helps in relaxing. I have suggested few other techniques which might work for you but no guaranty, but yes no side effect. 
Today I am going to share with you another mental exercise to give you relaxed urinating experience with friends. For this exercise you have to calm down your mind and you have to listen to me.
Close your eyes and take few deep breadths and them open and read the next lines. And do or imagine to do as I say.
Take a water bladder with a pipe attached to it and fill it with water. Now hold it in your hand and think of it like you are holding your urine bladder. Now imagine that you are there standing in the public toilets with a numbers of friends or people beside you. You see that your urine bladder(held in your hand) is full and you can feel it because it pains a little while it is full. Now you have to take the urine out. You command your mind to make your bladder empty, this time your mind will obey your order and it will make your hands move and squeeze that bladder, and as you squeeze the bladder the urine(water) will come out. It gives you a relaxed state of mind because you did it. Your mind has to obey your orders and it has to relax enough to give you an relaxing urinating experience. Do this exercise as many time as you feel to do, to make your mind confident and courageous enough to obey your order in the toilet also. It has to squeeze your urine bladder to make the urine come out through the urethra. Order your mind to just do what you have asked it to do. He will start following your orders and you will be satisfied with the whole experience.
Please try it and tell me if it works for you. 
Thank You! 


Sanjay Kumar