Friday, September 27, 2013

Climbing a four story building @ JNGEC Sunder Nagar- good for my health

JNGEC Sunder Nagarbeautiful five story building
Recently I joined as a Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Jawahar Lal Nehru Government Engineering College Sunder Nagar. The Civil Engineering block is at the 3rd floor of a large building and their is a provision of the lift but it is not working yet.
It is only one week as of today and I can feel the strengthening of my leg muscles which get a two trips from the base of the building to a height of about 25 m. I had planned a lot to do the regular exercises for my leg muscles but I was not able to do so for whatever reason, but now I have no option but to climb up this height on daily basis.
It has already shown good results and I think if I stay here for long I will become a more healthy person in the recent times.
I advise it to you too, that if there are staircases and lift at your workplace then go for the staircases, they are more beneficial to you.
Thank you.