Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Viral Fever during the weather change- take precautions

Hi friend,
Recently I got ill with a fever, harsh throat and cold. It is a month of October and Sun has transitioned to the South pole through the first point of Libra on 22 September. So it is the time of the weather change and it affects the lives on the people on earth.
So it is a time to be cautious of your health. I don't know how I got caught by this fever, I just woke in morning and found that my throat was not okay.  It was paining and then I found it later that I had fever. I think the main things to take cautions about these days are:
(1) Drink the clear water, for which you might need a aqua-guard or some other equipment like that.
(2) Eat the healthy foods, like green vegetables and fruits etc.
(3) Avoid to be in physical contact with the person suffering from a viral fever.
(4) Don't use fans at night just because of your habit, if the temperature is enough low then just put it off.
(5) If you get any symptom like, harsh throat, irritating moods, nose running or weakness in body consult the doctor.
I had to take an antibiotic, for three days, and I hated this fever. I got almost alright in the second day and I feel to be in more health now. I myself has yet to buy an aqua-guard today to drink the healthy water, because it is the main cause of the diseases like this.
Thank you for your time.