Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review of " Fitness on the Go" by Abhishek

"Fitness on the Go" by Abhishek
I have just read the few pages of the book in which it talks about the testimonial written by the Dipika Padukone. The testimonial says that the Abhishek's workout plan has made a huge difference in her fitness level and the energy level in her body and she feels relaxed, calm and focused after doing it.
I bought this e-book titled "Fitness of the Go" by Abhishek and in this book he talks about other actors who has benefited from his workout routines.
I have not experimented with the workout plan but I hope it will turn into a good experience. You can try it by buying this e-book or by contacting Abhishek and he is free to counsel you, it is your luck.
Thank you.