Friday, August 9, 2013

AIDS and other STDs(Sexually transmitted diseases) causes and prevention.

AIDS is short for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, which can be seen in a person infected with HIV(Human immunodeficiency virus) is a kind of STD(Sexually transmitted disease) and also can get spread by some other means. This is the most feared disease because it has no cure, so everybody gets anxious when they hear about someone around them having AIDS. There are people around the world who are working to spread the awareness about the disease like the RED RIBBON CLUB. Red ribbon is the symbol of solidarity with those who are infected with HIV.
There are a numbers of ways/causes by which it can get spread from one person to another.
(1)The maximum chances are due to the transfusion of the blood from the body of the infected to the non infected. It can occur while someone using the needles for the drugs, or for the injection of the medicines, a barber using the same razor etc.
(2) A child born from a mother having AIDS have 25% chances of getting the same.
(3) Sexual acts which can be, heterosexual or homosexual of different variety like, anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse can result in the transmission of the AIDS through the fluids like sperm and vaginal fluids, or they may result in the blood transfusion due to wounds in the private parts. Oral sex is also said to be having chances of transmitting the disease.
The most cases which come to be registered has got the AIDS through the sexual contact, so one should take utmost care in his/her sexual life. Beside AIDS there are other STDs(sexual transmitted diseases) which one can get transmitted through bacteria, virus and fungi.
Bacterial: Chancroid, Chlamedia, Gonorrhea, Granuloma inguilane and syphills (source - wikipedia)
Fungal: Candidiasis.
Viral: Viral hapatitis (Hapatitis B virus), Herpes simplex
Parasites: crab louse, scabies
Protozoal: Trichomoniasis
Prevention of the AIDS:
The reports tell that a large percentages of the cases of the AIDS have got this through the sexual acts so one must follow the following principles in their life:
(1) One should believe in monogamy, have a single sex partner.
(2) One should use the condom if having sex with someone who is not tested for the AIDS.
(3) Special care should be taken while using the needles for various purposes like medicinal uses.
(4) One should join the various awareness campaigns so that the words are spread from one place to another.
some myths about AIDS:
(1) AIDS get transmitted through the touches like, handshakes, hugging and kissing etc.
(2) AIDS gets transmitted by sitting together and breathing the same air.
(3) There is a 100% cure to AIDS.
(4) AIDS can spread through the mosquito bites.