Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Morten's Toe - Longer First Finger adjacent to Toe

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There are few things which surprises me, I never knew that having a longer second toe has anything to do with anything in my life.
Morten's Toe (wiki image)
What is Morten's Toe?
Look at your foot and see if the second toe or the first finger adjacent to the toe is longer than the toe itself. That might be an indication of having a Morten's toe but, you have to look for the length of the metatarsal bones. If the first metatarsal bone is shorter than the second metatarsal bone or if first bone is elevated with respect to the other metatarsal bones, that reflects a Morten's toe.

If this is the case then most probably you are one of those people who are having Morten's toe.  This is a medical term which was named after a doctor Mr. Dudley Morten who also wrote a book on this particular topic.

How does this effect your life?

Initially having a Morten's toe was assumed or perceived as a royal symbol specifically in the Greek culture where their warriors were preferred which were having Morten's toe. Another reason for getting happy about having Morten's toe is the fact that Statue of liberty also has Morten's toe or longer second toe.
Statue of Liberty and Morten's toe

I could also have fooled myself with the same facts but the reality is something different. When you have Morten's toe the pressure of your body which is mainly taken up by the mount at the base of the first toe will come on the mount at the base of the second toe.
Due the elevated first metatarsal bone, this will not take any load because, this will not touch the ground. That way load has to come on the other bones only and that will result in the pain.

Pain may not be restricted to the foot but it may grow in whole body. Aggression and irritation are its after effects.
What are remedies?
As per my research Dr. Morten and few others has suggested few remedies such as insertion of a base plate below the first flange or first joint to compensate for the elevated bone. Also few other suggest surgery for making the first bone equal in length as that of the second toe.
When you have long walks resulting in pain it may be beneficial to massage your feet. Take a rolled pad of small diameter and you can move you feet on those pads, this may give you relief from the pain.

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